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CryptoQuote app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1008 ratings )
Games Puzzle Word
Developer: Apps From Outer Space, LLC
2.99 USD
Current version: 4.0, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 17 Oct 2008
App size: 48.38 Mb

If you love it in the newspaper, you’ll love it even more in a format you can access any place, any time. In this popular game, each letter is replaced with a different one. Your challenge is to decode the puzzle and figure out the quote. You can work at your own pace or compete against other players in a Daily Speed Challenge. CryptoQuote will show you conflicts such as attempting to use the same solution letter twice.

* 3199 carefully selected quotes, plus a new Daily Challenge Puzzle each day
* Custom keyboard to see the entire puzzle
* Share puzzles or quotes with others
* Create your own puzzle or enter one from a newspaper
* Letter frequency tool
* Word search tool
* Print puzzles out to work on paper
* Physical keyboard support

Great if you like: Sudoku, Crossword puzzles, word search, cipher, encryption, code solving and decoding.

Latest reviews of CryptoQuote app for iPhone and iPad

Nicely done, but...
Nice interface and easy to use. Because of the newspaper version, I personally much prefer my translation to go under the crypto, so I am having difficulty getting used to it being above. But thats just me being nit picky. The daily challenge is a great idea, but needs work to prevent people from cheating. Sorry, but I do not believe that the entire leader board can solve the puzzle in under 30 seconds. But I dont know how you can do that with people having access to multi phones where they can solve at their leisure and then breeze through the solution on another phone. Too bad for people who have to cheat so much to feel good about themselves!
Not very good
The custom puzzle feature does not work on iPad. I have complained to designer with no response. Works reasonably well on iPhone but overall rather clumsy for custom puzzles
Just started the daily challenges. But Ive been playing this game for about five years and enjoy it. UPDATE 8/25/16 I cant play the next puzzle because the game crashes. But the daily challenges still work. Ill go back to 5 stars when fixed.
Great, except for keyboard!
I was thrilled to find such a great cryptogram app, having loved these puzzles for a long time. As other reviewers have mentioned, its got great puzzles in three different levels of difficulty, with few repeats. However, the only thing that drives me crazy is the keyboard! I know it has to be crammed in pretty small to fit (especially with longer puzzles), but I end up mistyping every letter and it drves me nuts. If the developer can work out a better solution to the keyboard problem (I should probably mention, I have no problems tapping away on the default iPhone keyboard), Ill happily give it 5 stars. As it is, Ill keep playing and having fun with the app, I just wont bother trying the daily time challenge... Just too frustrating when I cant hit the keys I want.
Favorite $0.99 game. Very easy on your battery -- if you have your backlight turned down -- great game to play anywhere.
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