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Nicely done, but...

Nice interface and easy to use. Because of the newspaper version, I personally much prefer my translation to go under the crypto, so I am having difficulty getting used to it being above. But thats just me being nit picky. The daily challenge is a great idea, but needs work to prevent people from cheating. Sorry, but I do not believe that the entire leader board can solve the puzzle in under 30 seconds. But I dont know how you can do that with people having access to multi phones where they can solve at their leisure and then breeze through the solution on another phone. Too bad for people who have to cheat so much to feel good about themselves!

Not very good

The custom puzzle feature does not work on iPad. I have complained to designer with no response. Works reasonably well on iPhone but overall rather clumsy for custom puzzles


Just started the daily challenges. But Ive been playing this game for about five years and enjoy it. UPDATE 8/25/16 I cant play the next puzzle because the game crashes. But the daily challenges still work. Ill go back to 5 stars when fixed.

Great, except for keyboard!

I was thrilled to find such a great cryptogram app, having loved these puzzles for a long time. As other reviewers have mentioned, its got great puzzles in three different levels of difficulty, with few repeats. However, the only thing that drives me crazy is the keyboard! I know it has to be crammed in pretty small to fit (especially with longer puzzles), but I end up mistyping every letter and it drves me nuts. If the developer can work out a better solution to the keyboard problem (I should probably mention, I have no problems tapping away on the default iPhone keyboard), Ill happily give it 5 stars. As it is, Ill keep playing and having fun with the app, I just wont bother trying the daily time challenge... Just too frustrating when I cant hit the keys I want.


Favorite $0.99 game. Very easy on your battery -- if you have your backlight turned down -- great game to play anywhere.

I love this program!!!

I think this is rhe greatest program .. Im addicted to it. Every moment I get Im playing it. I have told everyone about it... Thank you, Thank you,Thank you !!!

Love words

This is one of my favorite apps. I play for about an hour a day. Ive come to use it like reading before I sleep. Ive been playing for a long time and I dont seem to get tired of it. Love it.

OK for awhile

After youve done them for awhile you get quotes youve seen before. The Daily Time Challenge is a hit or miss. About half the time the quote is so long you can barely read it on the screen as it gets scrunched. Its interesting to note that a few people seem to get these long unreadable ones done in 30 seconds or so. If I had the answer in front of me I couldnt type it out that fast.

Love it

Just what I was looking for. Not very good graphics, actually it couldnt be plainer and not professional looking, but great fun! Exactly what I was looking for, exactly!!!!

Dont pay for it

I completed a level & it went blank. The game said it would reset itself, it did not. Went to another level, same thing happened. Went to another level, same thing happened. Asked creator of game got an appology but no fix. Dont waste your time or money for this game that doesnt work beyond three weeks of repetitive political puke.


Just what I was looking for. The only problem is the letters are so close together its hard to hit the correct one.

Poor Quality Interface

Very poor interface and no updates in over 2 years should tell you something. At least I was only ripped off for 99 cents! Tough to type in the keyboard of select items on the screen. The easy games have tiny fonts. The first time I used this it locked up my 3GS running 4.0.1. - if you like wasting a buck then by all means I suggest you buy it.

Daily time challenge

I love the app, but the daily time challenge is too easy to cheat at. Just start it, solve almost to completion - but before entering the last letter, exit the app and start again. It then becomes a "how fast can you type" challenge instead of how fast to solve. Those with 2 devices and copies of the app will always be able to "cheat" (they probably cheat at solitaire too). Id say once you start a daily challenge, you either finish it or lose your chance to submit an "official" score that day. Another improvement would be to show a distribution of # users by solution time to see what percentile your solution time falls in if you did not make the top ten.

Politically slanted

The daily challenge always had a political message in it and I found it to be disturbing and finally deleted the app.

I love this game!

I play it all the time. I dont care if the UI is plain; more than that would be too much of a distraction. My three complaints: 1) the quotes fall into only 3 or so categories of topics; 2) Im doing the "hard" puzzles and not having much difficulty; and 3) there should be more quotes provided, especially at the "hard" level. An update of additional quotes, more variety of topics and an "expert" level would be nice.

Quit working

After the last OS update, it does not work. It just opens and immediately closes.

Quote fan

I loved the game and the quotes, some that I will always remember. The game did quit after the last game and the online game was too long and I had problems hitting the letters I wanted. All and all, this game was fun.

Great app

Really like this app. The changes in v2 are great.

Fun app, but not sure about latest version

I have enjoyed this app for months at least and should have rated it earlier as it would have been a 4- or 5-star review. Since the latest update, Im having trouble getting used to the changes. Normally I would just give it more time, but Im experiencing more bugs than before. The keyboard is freezing up for a couple seconds at a time, and this is happening several times a minute. Its hard to try all the features when each puzzle causes logistic frustrations that have nothing to do with solving the puzzle. Ill keep trying, but in the meantime, I can only give 3 stars until the hang-ups go away.


I am very disappointed with the update! The original version was great! The updated quotes are way too long making them so easy that they are no longer challenging. And, often the letters wont "stick" - very frustrating.

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